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Not Home Yet

The fact that our hearts yearn for something that we will never find on this Earth, is proof that Heaven must be our home!

No matter what we pursue in this life, it will never lead to complete contentment. No accolades people bestow on us, or wealth acquired, will bring us perfect joy. All those things simply leave us wanting more. A life lived in pursuit of worldly happiness only produces disappointment. And yet, we seem to continue on this empty quest, trying to find our inner peace in a chaotic world

The moment we realise that we are only passing through, is the moment we change our focus. We haven’t been born into this world to build our own kingdom. We are here to build the Kingdom of God. He has placed us in this world to be His ambassadors in a foreign place. Our calling is to share His love and peace with those around us. When our words and our actions come together in this mission, our hearts beat to the rhythm of His grace.

Casting our eyes on the cross, brings us to a prostrate place of gratitude. By keeping the cross before us and the world behind us, we begin to breath in His grace. Every breathe reminds us of the price He paid. And because of that price, we have been unchained. Because of the cross, we know that this world is not our home. And because our Saviour gave His life so that we may live, we exhale praise in what we say and do.

Knowing that this world is not our final home, makes all the difference. If you are looking for inner peace, turn to Jesus. His cross is the place where the pain of this world meets the hope of Heaven.

Have an amazing day!

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