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Fearless Pursuit

The fears we don’t face, become our limits. And, in turn, those limits create boundaries in our lives that imprison us!

The greatest favour you can do for yourself is to live your life with passion and purpose. Such a life is only possible when we can identify something so important to us, that we are willing to sacrifice whatever it will take, to make it happen. At that point, action is needed. That’s the moment when our fears have a stand-off with our purpose. The decision we make during that pivotal moment will make all the difference.

The greatest regrets that people have towards the end of their lives, is that they never took more risks. When we make choices that are guided by fear instead of the things that set their souls on fire, our lives will always be riddled with regrets. What’s the point of having all the physical comforts, when our souls are crying out for purpose? We have but one life here on earth. Why not make it count? Why not live it in such a way that we impact the world because our souls are on fire?

Stop limiting your potential by giving in to fear. Stop restricting your impact by focusing on the material world. When our soul is content, our lives have purpose. When we allow God to take centre stage, the real thing becomes the real thing and life becomes an exciting adventure.

Have an amazing day!


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