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Selective Tastebuds

The fact of the matter is that we can never truly escape all temptation. That’s exactly why we are constantly involved in spiritual warfare. The best way to deal with any enemy is to face it head-on, defeat it, and move forward. It’s never a good idea to hang around. We say we want to be delivered from temptation, but we often choose to stay in its presence.

A wise warrior is someone who has clarity about the strength of their enemy, but also their own strength. As soon as we go into any spiritual battle doubting our own strength, we are bound to end up submitting. As children of God, we find our strength in His joy. The Hebrew word for strength refers to “safety” and “refuge” and “stronghold”. Our hearts should be overflowing because we know that there is safety in His presence. And it is only when we choose to move outside of that place of rest, that we allow ourselves to be drawn towards the bait of Satan.

Our joy isn’t found in things of this world. Our joy isn’t even found in spending our lives “working” for God. We will only experience true joy when we choose to live in His presence. Because it is only at the foot of the cross where we admit our weaknesses, realise God’s love for us, and understand the power of His blood that covers us when we choose to accept Jesus Christ as our Saviour. It is there where our taste for the lies of Satan, are replaced by a yearning for the One who is Truth.

Satan will try his best to move us outside that place safety that is found in God’s presence. Don’t let him! Because it’s in His presence that God’s joy shifts the eyes of our hearts, from our seemingly impossible circumstances, to a place of worship. That’s when we worship Him in the storm and when we sing His praises, despite our difficulties. We do that from the safety of His presence. We do that when we proclaim, “The cross before me, the world behind me. NO TURNING BACK!”

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