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Hope is immensely important because Earth’s troubles fade in the light of Heaven’s Hope.

Decisions made by world leaders are contradicting Godly morals and principles. Society has been reeled in by these destructive ideas and have been caught in this net of lies. This is nothing new. It’s been happening since the beginning of time. However, the result always leaves people unfulfilled.

There is a void within every single person. That is why so many people are trying so many things to make themselves feel better. Yet, no amount of money, social status, fame or any other worldly model has ever removed that void. The thing is, that without God, we will never find the missing piece. It’s not by chance that God tells us in His Word that He will give us peace that surpasses all understanding.

What’s so difficult to understand, is why anyone would choose to live a life void of peace that also leads to a hopeless end, when we can have endless hope that is far beyond what we could ever have imagined. The circumstances that surround me, are far from perfect. But that doesn’t bother me one iota, because I have a perfect God who has filled my soul with an unending supply of hope.

Put your trust in God. He won’t necessarily make your life a bed of roses, but he will give you hope to shine in a seemingly hopeless world. Have an amazing day!

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