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Who you are

A lot of doubt and uncertainty in our lives comes from not knowing our worth!

If you’re trying to find your security and worth in what other people say about you… STOP! If you are chasing after acceptance by trying to “fit in”… STOP! If you’re telling yourself today, “I’m worthless”… STOP! The rejection of others and that low self-esteem you’re struggling with, doesn’t change the FACT that you are far more valuable than you can ever imagine. It’s not me saying so, it’s God!

Whenever I feel rejected, I look at what Jesus went through. He never did anything in His life but love others. Yet, He was rejected by so many. But He never allowed the opinion of others to cloud His mind by letting Him doubt His worth in the eyes of His Father. In the same way, God wants us to never forget, how precious we are to Him. God so loves us, that He was willing to sacrifice His Son, so that we might live if we believe in Him.

Why then, is it so important for us to be liked by mere mortals and when that doesn’t happen, we fall to pieces? Why do we allow the opinions of others to taint how we feel about ourselves? It’s great to be liked by others, but we should never base our worth on how people see us. Our identity can only be found in the One who created us. In God alone will we truly understand who we are.

You are precious because your “Dad” says so. You are loved because your “Dad” says so. You are a miracle because your “Dad” says so. You have a purpose in this world. Don’t miss it because you are trying to find your value in others. Pursue it with confidence because you know that your “Dad”, God the Father, is on your side and He is cheering for you. Keep running, no matter what the crowd is saying. God’s opinion is the only one that matters.

God says you are loved even when you can’t feel it! He says that you are strong, despite the fact that you feel weak! During those times when you feel that you don’t belong, God says that you are His! Believe it, accept it and live it. When we begin to find our identity and worth in God, nothing and nobody can steal our joy because we know we are loved.

The shape of true love isn’t a diamond, it’s a cross.

Have an amazing day, secure in the knowledge that you are precious.


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