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God’s Rhythm

I am often amazed by the rhythm of some people. They seem to be able to move in ways that, if I were to try, would certainly end up with an injury. But there’s a rhythm that’s far more important. God is calling us to move to the rhythm of His purpose for our lives.

When we choose to do that, we need to turn down the tunes of this world that have been dictating our moves. Those worldly tunes are in total contrast to what God has in store for us. And when we try to dance to both tunes, our rhythm is lost and our lives become a dance of confusing steps that lead us off our path of purpose.

To stop our feet automatically moving to the beat of the world, our focus needs to change. We need to stop relying on our literal eyes. All they do is find the temptations in life and lead us toward them. We need to look through the eyes of our heart. When we have His Holy Spirit in us, He will draw us in the direction of our purpose and keep us focused. Only then, will we move to the rhythm of God’s beat.

Have a great day as you dance to the rhythm of your Heavenly Father.

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