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What and Why

Character is the real foundation of all worthwhile success 

Choosing to do something is the beginning of a journey. Choosing to do something good sets you on a journey towards a destination worth going to. But the only way to make a Godly impact on society is to to begin the journey with a Godly motive and to continue focusing on that, until you reach your destination.

As Christians, we are walking sermons. The world is watching how we respond to everything that is happening around us. Being a Christian certainly does not mean that we need to agree with everything that is happening in and to society today. Like never before, do we need to spend time in seeking God’s will for our lives. Like never before, do we need to question and stand up against the attack on the church, the family structure and other seemingly harmless techniques that the governments of the day are using to indoctrinate the minds of Christians, by using bully-tactics. Like never before, do we need to find our strength and security in Christ.

Because we are walking sermons, the impact we have as Christians, depends on HOW we respond to all the aforementioned things. And how we respond is determined by our motives. If the motive is to simply pick a fight and make others look bad, we are veering off the road that God has called us on. Our motive must always be to glorify God and to make it clear that God is the One and only to whom we bow the knee. He is the One who we serve and we will abide by His moral compass. When Daniel was commanded by Nebuchadnezzar to stray from the direction of God’s compass, he stood strong, yet did so without tainting his character as a child of God.

We need to stand up for what we believe, but always do it in a way that doesn’t stain our character as a Christian. Because, by doing that, we are glorifying our heavenly Father. It’s not only what we do that counts, it’s why and how we do it that really makes the difference.

Have an amazing day.

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