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Stop being Scared

We’re not afraid of the dark itself, we fear what might be in it. We’re not afraid of people around us, we fear that we might be rejected. We’re not afraid of illness, we fear death.

The greatest weapon that Satan has in his arsenal, is FEAR. And dare I say that he uses it very effectively to scare Christians to such an extent, that we tend to forget what it means to have faith. The very basis of the Christian faith, is exactly that – FAITH. How can we call ourselves Christians when we allow fear to drown out our faith. By doing that, we are acknowledging that Satan has a stronger hold on us than God does. There is no place in this universe that can be so dark, where God’s light cannot reach. Why then, do we choose to fear the darkness of the world when we can stand in the light of Christ? There is no amount of rejection by the world, that can take away the acceptance rom our loving Father. Why fear rejection when we know that we are loved by the only One who truly matters? There is no disease or pain that can take away the promise, that when we know Jesus as our Saviour, we will rise again and spend eternity with Him – where there will never be pain or suffering ever again. Why then, does our own earthly mortality scare us so much, when you know what’s coming?

We are going through a time in history when scaremongering has become the order of the day. Our automatic reaction is to believe what people are telling us because we are being scared spitless. Where has common sense disappeared to? But the real question is, where have all the Christians gone? Aren’t we the ones who are supposed to know that God tells us 365 times in His Word “Do not fear!?” And if we know it, then why don’t we live it? Why do we allow the fearmongering of people, to supersede the promises of an almighty God. Why are we so afraid to stand up against the lack of morals and principles of darkness; the very governments that advocate for the rights of our bodies when it comes to abortion and assisted suicide; the “leaders” that applaud the breakdown of the family structure and take away the authority of parents. While doing this, they contradict their own ideas by taking away our rights to decide on what is good for our bodies when it comes to other issues. They force their authority onto us and treat us with contempt when we don’t follow their misguided guidelines, while trying to take away the God-given authority we have as parents.

It’s time that we pause for a moment and decide who it is we are accountable to. I am a good citizen. I pay my taxes and respect the laws of the land. I spend my time mentoring and helping others. I raise funds to help communities who are struggling. I do this because I am accountable to God for how I spend my time and what I pour my energy into. I refuse to abide by any ungodly regulations that only further the agenda of a godless society. And no amount of scare tactics and fearmongering will ever change that.

Decide today who you will follow. Will it be Satan using godless principles and authorities to try and scare us? Or will it be God in whom we put our trust, knowing that He is the only One who will ever give us peace and confidence that surpasses all understanding. As for me… I choose to serve the Lord.

Have a great day!

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