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Let action result from your passion to fulfill your callingĀ 

To begin living a life that truly makes an impact, we need to move. Impact can only happen when things connect or collide with one another. And for that to occur, we must collide with our purpose. While moving towards our calling, we need to spend less time talking about things, and more time doing. Because it’s through our actions, that our lives speak volumes.

One of the biggest lies we believe, is that we need to be qualified to be “change makers.” So, we tend to postpone that moment of impact by waiting; waiting for the right time, waiting for enough resources, waiting for approval! I strongly believe that God never tells us to “wait” for the right time to impact lives with His love. Now, is always the right time in His Kingdom. God doesn’t want us to wait for what we think are the resources needed, to share His Word and love. He is calling us to make an impact NOW, even if we have nothing. He provides all we need, so let’s stop relying on things and start putting our faith solely in Him. Sometimes we think we need to hear God’s voice through others before we move towards impacting lives with His love. Every moment is the right moment. We don’t need the approval of pastors or churches or denominations. God’s stamp of approval is on you to reflect His love and be the One to impact the world in His Name.

As we move forward in our calling, we often run out of “Stamina.” If making the world a better place was easy, then everyone who knows their calling would be doing it and the world would be a better place than what it is. But so many of us run out of steam and stop before that impact happens. It becomes too hard. It becomes too uncomfortable. It becomes too tiring. So many begin the journey but so few continue, because along the way, we begin to suffer from amnesia. We tend to forget that anything we do with God, is infallible. We tend to forget that God is bigger than anything we might face along the way, and that God allows those obstacles, not to stop us, but so that we will rely on Him during the “impact journey.” If Jesus Christ could conquer death, don’t you think He can conquer any obstacle on the journey He is calling us on.

God is calling us to be impact makers. It might seem like we are taking an immeasurable risk when following His calling, but nothing returns without fruit when we pursue God’s plan as His instruments, allowing Love and Truth to collide with the world.

Have a blessed day!

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