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Climb or Cower

See your mountain as an opportunity to expand your horizons, not an insurmountable obstacle filled with effort. 

Nobody who ever impacted the world, did it while remaining cozy in their comfort zone. It takes effort to make a difference. It requires us to persevere through the hard work and struggles that are found along the journey. It means we will have to scale dangerous cliffs and rest on tiny precipices to remind ourselves of why we are on the journey instead of choosing the easy way out. Making an impact can only be done when we choose to take that first step towards the mountain that God gives us to climb, and continue to ascend it with Him.

We don’t climb for the world to see us. We climb because we want to live a life of purpose – a life that truly makes an impact! And with every step we take, we need to encourage others climbing with us. The world teaches us that it’s every man for himself. We are told to use people, and accumulate as much as we can along the way. In the world’s eyes, that is success. But in all honesty, the one who has the most stuff is not the winner! Because you cannot climb a mountain accumulating things along the way. The secret is to lighten the load. The less we carry in life’s journey, the less we have to hold us back.

The only true way to live a life filled with adventure, is to keep climbing. Staying on the low ground is easy, but it’s boring because the view is always the same. But when we choose to live the life that God has for us, the view becomes more and more spectacular with every step. The journey becomes clearer and clearer when we leave the presence of those who are planted on the base, too comfortable to move. Those believing the lie that our lives are all about comfort and selfish ambition. I choose to follow the path that God has for me. Every day is a slog of craziness in the eyes of the world, but it’s a journey of purpose to me. I would choose struggles that lead to a fulfilled life, over comfort that leads to selfishness, every day of the week.

It’s time. Let’s begin climbing with purpose and stop cowering in comfort. Have an amazing day, and don’t forget to check out the view with every step. It’s God’s way of saying, “Keep going. It’s worth it!”


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