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Estar Bien

Father, You say everything is gonna be alright
But my circumstances say I won’t last through the night
I need Your word to hold me now, need You to pull me through
I need a miracle, a breakthrough, I need You

So many people are feeling what the preceding words express. In an age of uncertainty and pain, the world is looking for something to hold on to. We need hope to carry on. We need someone to say, “Everything will be okay.” In an out-of-control world, we need the reassurance that there is still a sense of common sense prevailing.

I want to beg you today, not to accept that feeling of defeat. Fight it with everything inside of you. Don’t believe Satan’s lies. All all he is trying to do is to get you to give up. And you were born to be victorious. God created you to overcome every obstacle in life and to defeat every battle that the enemy wages. But the only way we can do it, is when we enter every day with the assurance that God is with us. When we step into spiritual warfare, not in our own strength, but in the name of God our Father, nothing can defeat us.

Instead of thinking about the difficulty of staying afloat, consider this: “Adversity is a bridge to a close relationship with Abba Father.” It’s in the valley’s of life, that we recognise that, in our own strength, we can never climb the mountain ahead. It’s at our lowest point, that we need our Saviour to lift us up. He preserves us and does not allow our feet to slip. And as we scale the cliffs of life, He makes our feet like the feet of deer. He enables us to stand on the heights of mountains. So stand tall and know that God has the whole world in His hands and that the battle has already been won.

There’s a name that can silence every fear
There’s a love that embraces
The heartache, the pain and the tears
Through my faith and my doubting
I know one thing for sure
His word is unfailing
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