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Mighty Warrior

Gideon was the last one we would have chosen to fight a mighty nation, but God chose him anyway. Why?

One of my favourite accounts in the Bible is found in Judges chapter 6. There God calls Gideon to take on an army of very skilled soldiers. The only problem, is that Gideon is clueless when it comes to warfare – he is a farmer. “Mighty Warrior, God is with you!” an angel tells Gideon, who is hiding in the mountains in fear of the Midianites.

Gideon has 2 issues with this statement that are both perfectly understandable. He questions whether God is with him because of his circumstances. His people have been enslaved by these “baddies” and there seems to be no way out for them. When we find ourselves in desperate situations we often wonder where God has gone. Why doesn’t He just snap His fingers and fix the mess around us. Well, to God, it is more important that we build our faith, than it is for us to build our comfort. And exactly that happens, during battle. In spite of our circumstances, God NEVER leaves us. In fact, God is calling you and me to be His warriors and to be the ones who fight the good fight.

When Gideon understood that God never abandoned Him, he had another problem with God’s plan! He questioned God for calling him. You see, Gideon was from the smallest tribe. And in that tribe he was from the weakest clan. And in that clan, he was the least obvious man to achieve anything great in his life. Yet, God chose him and he couldn’t understand it. I don’t understand why God chose me to do anything for him. My past is so sketchy that it embarrasses me even to think of it. Yet, he does. Why did God choose Gideon who knew nothing of warfare, to fight a mighty army? Why did God choose a scrawny “sheep boy” to fight the most fierce giant? Why did God call an excuse maker to lead a million people out of Egypt? Why did God choose an obnoxious, impulsive denier, to become a disciple? The same reason why He chooses you and me. Because through our weaknesses, His strength can shine through. And because He wants you to know, that in Him, you are a mighty, chosen warrior who has a purpose.

I’d say that is exciting stuff. The fact that God is calling us to make an impact in this world is a calling that should excite us. It is a purpose that should wake us up in the morning and keep us going at night. It is something that should keep us humble, knowing that it is God who leads us into battle. It is something that should give us confidence because of who we are in Him. It is something to live for… and something to be willing to die for!

Have an amazing day, knowing that you are a mighty warrior.

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