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A scar is a tattoo with a better story.

Imagine a life with complete comfort and absolutely no adversity or struggles. The simple truth is that it isn’t possible on this Earth. In spite of this fact, we are all doing everything in our power to make it happen for ourselves. Every bit of technology developed is to make life more comfortable. And the more comfortable we strive to become, the less we are able to handle the hurdles that we will face in life. It’s no wonder then, that so many people are struggling to cope when faced with difficulties. It’s not surprising that so many strike out when thrown a curve ball.

I’ve recently been watching a program called “Alone” where contestants are allowed to take 10 items with them, and then have to survive for as long as possible in the harsh environment of Patagonia, on their own. The winner kept going for 87 days. Every single contestant confessed how it bettered them as a person, and how they learnt about their strengths during their struggles. Every difficulty we overcome, creates scar tissue in our minds. When we are reminded about the pain we experienced, the scar tissue reminds us of how we won that battle and it helps us to fight through the next struggle. That’s why stepping out from a life of comfort, strengthens us and allows us to face any obstacles with confidence.

So the next time, when experiencing dark waters, we should think twice, when wanting to trade it for comfort and coziness. It’s these very scars that we get from life, that lead us to the One who knows all about scars. The One who chose to be scarred by a crown of thorns, a whip ripping out flesh, a spear being thrust into His side, and nails been driven into His hands and feet. It is through our own scars that we find strength in our Healer, Jesus Christ. Without scars in life, we seem to forget that we need God. But when we look at Jesus, we see how scars and pain are turned into healing and victory. So the next time you are struggling, thank God that in Him, you will come out stronger and more resilient than ever before.

And remember, that in heaven, the only scars that will remain, will be those of Jesus. I am thankful for my scars. Because without them I wouldn’t know the heart of Jesus.

Have an amazing day!


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