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Let go of Should’ve

Regrets are the tears of choices not made, and of good deeds left undone!

The biggest graveyard that exists, is the one that displays the headstones of unfulfilled dreams. Why is that?

So many people find their lives dull and mundane. They often feel stuck in a hole; a hole getting deeper every day. That’s when the “If only…” card is played; if only I had more money…If only I had more time… If only I was in a different place. The truth is, there are times when we don’t have enough money to pursue our dreams. There’s no doubt that we are very busy at times. Nobody can argue that we all go through stages in life when we want to be in a different environment. But the simple truth is that a journey of a 1000 miles, begins with the first step. It’s time to start digging.

We need to understand that our purpose is always linked to our passion. And by living our passion, we always experience life as an adventure. When stuck in a rut and simply existing from day to day, we will never truly find fulfillment. The ultimate goal should be to spend all our time on the one thing that drives us; the one thing that gets us up in the morning and keeps us from going to sleep. That thing is called purpose! God’s purpose for your life is never for you to be stuck in a hole. He didn’t create you to feel defeated by your circumstances. He created you to make an impact for Him.

Up until today, you may have been regretting all the dreams that got away. You may have been filled with I should have; I could have and I would have. STOP!

Those dreams are still there. Your purpose has never changed. And the one thing about purpose, is that it is never too late to begin to live it. Starting right now, you need to get rid of all thoughts of regrets from the past , and begin replacing them with possibilities for the future. It’s time to start digging yourself out of that hole of regrets, and start climbing up to the peak of your purpose.

Have a great day…digging!

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