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No Regrets

Living the rest of your life with no regrets requires faith. In ourselves, we are too afraid to do things that seem impossible. What’s the point of trying to achieve something that is physically impossible for me to do, right? That’s where faith in a God that specializes in impossibilities, comes in.

Was Peter absolutely crazy, getting out of the boat, expecting to walk on the surface of the Sea of Galilee? Without faith he was. Was David nuts thinking that a scrawny little shepherd boy could defeat a giant warrior? Without faith in a God who laughs at impossibilities, he was. Are we way too ambitious to think that little old us can make a difference in the world. Without faith we are. But knowing Jesus changes anything. When we stand with God, impossible is nothing. In fact, God wants His children to have dreams that defy all realms of possibility, because when we trust Him, He reveals His majesty by making those impossibilities, the norm in our lives.

God has done so many crazily, impossible things in my life that I’m not even surprised by it anymore. My response has become, “Why would I expect anything else God. You’ve done it again!” If we begin to feel that our lives have no purpose and that we are nobodies, it’s time to ask God to show us our purpose. He is the only One who brings true meaning to our lives, and will get us excited again about the humanly impossible calling He has for us. If you can achieve your dreams on your own, they’re too small. If you know, that there’s no way you can realise your dreams without putting your faith in God… that’s having a true purpose. If your and my dreams and calling don’t scare us spitless, then they are too small.

I’ve made mountains of mistakes in the past that I regret, but I refuse to live the rest of my life with any regrets. I refuse to be too afraid to pursue ridiculously big dreams, when there is a God with me who specializes in the impossible. I refuse to dwell on my mistakes of the past and letting them slow me down in the pursuit of living out my purpose and passion. I choose to trust God the Father in everything I do. I choose to look at the cross and know that Jesus Christ has taken away all the mess-ups from my past. And because of that, I don’t need to look back anymore. I choose to be lead by the Holy Spirit, who empowers me to do what God is calling me to do, without any fear.

What do you choose today? Have an amazing day, making a choice to live your life loud!

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