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Straight Ahead

When there’s something ahead of us that surpasses everything around us, there’s no point in turning back. When an athlete sees the winning line, he doesn’t look around. He doesn’t allow himself to be distracted by those around him. It’s simply a question of staying focused. It’s a question of fighting through the fatigue and sore muscles. That’s the moment when all the hard work and hours of training kicks in. That’s the moment when the voice of a coach, who believes in his athlete, spurs him on to great feats.

Life has been described as a play by Shakespeare, where all people are merely actors. But Scripture calls it a race. It requires an incredible amount of focus to finish strongly. We have a choice as to how we want to approach it. Some of us don’t like the hard work and perspiration. We like to enter into it without a coach and decide to do it “My way!” Along the way, we allow distractions to pull us off course and make us lose focus as to why we are in the race in the first place. When we allow that to happen, our lives lack true purpose and direction. We tend to simply then follow the crowd into mediocrity.

In God, there is no purposelessness. In Him there is clear direction towards the finish line. But the fact of the matter is that our lives will be filled with distractions. There will be people who scoff at our decision to look at the cross and not at the comforts the world claims to offer. Our race becomes more of a steeplechase event, filled with obstacles we need to overcome. We will become weak, but God tells us when that happens, He is strong. He will carry us over any obstacles in our way. He is our coach who calls us to keep going and keep our eyes on the finish line. The cross before me, the world behind me… no turning back! And absolutely no regrets on that decision.

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