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One thing you’ll never regret is being bold when in comes to the fight for truth. What you will regret is if you cower away from it because you choose to fit in.

Ships stay afloat because they are built in such a way, that they can withstand the force of the water that surrounds them. The safest place for a ship to be is in the drydock. There it is away from the danger that water poses. But it would be crazy to leave such a magnificent vessel away from the environment that it was meant to be in.

As Christians, we have been put in this world for a purpose. Like ships, we are surrounded by danger. Like ships, if there is a weakness in our life, it will allow the views of the world to seep in and slowly sink us. The only way we can prevent that from happening is if we strengthen ourselves with the armour of God. Spending time in His Word and having a heart to heart with Him over a coffee, will keep us focused and allow us to not only stay afloat, but to power forward towards the horizon of our destiny.

Society is bombarding us with lies and immoral ideas. But the fact that we are surrounded by that, doesn’t mean we need to give in to it. So many Christians are becoming despondent. We are being targeted by the world and it’s not very easy to deal with, when all we want to do is love people and share the Good News with them. But that’s what we sign up for when we accept Jesus. He tells us that following Him requires us to take up our cross. Standing firm when everyone is laughing at you is part of that cross. Standing firm when we are being discriminated against because of our faith, is part of that cross. Loving people even when they are mean and angry with us is part of that cross.

Being a Christian is not so much about what God can do for us. It’s more about what we are willing to do for Him because of what He had done for us on the cross. The amazing thing is that Jesus is coming back and then all the hatred, pain and suffering will end for ever. But until then, let’s stand firm and be his ships of safety in a world that is sinking.

Have an amazing day.

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