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The Battle

“I’d agree with you, but the we’d both be wrong.”

I found this quote and thought it’s something we need to say more often. Modern day views seem to be that if you don’t see things the way society does, you are hateful and don’t allow for individual rights.

Well, here’s something to think about; What about the rights of Christians to believe in the One who created this world and has given us all life. What about me, being able to live out my faith which means I don’t agree with the views of the world, because I have an actual moral compass that is based on Truth and Love. The new arbitrary philosophy that we can create our own truth and that we can identify as anything we like doesn’t take away the fact that there is an absolute truth. And that truth cannot find its origin in what I want to believe. It finds it origin in the One who is Truth – Jesus Christ.

When someone walks up to us and proclaims to be a tree, we will perceive them as being crazy. If the world’s argument holds any truth, then we must agree with them. Because if we don’t, we might hurt their feelings or be guilty of “hate speech”. Which brings me to another point. Christians are being labelled as bigots, narrow-minded  and haters because our faith in God is based on us all being sinners and needing redemption. Just like the law is a guideline that we need to follow if we don’t want to be punished, so too the Bible is the guideline for how we are called to live. If I break man-made laws, people would call for me to be incarcerated and wouldn’t care about how hurt I feel by the sentence. Why does the world then cry “hatred” when Christians are expressing their faith. We are not forcing anyone to follow our ways, we are simply expressing the Truth in a world that is blinded by exaggerated individual rights and bias against people who disagree with those who hold immoral views.

Having said that, it is so important for us as Christians to do and say everything in love. Disagreeing with someone doesn’t mean we hate them. It means that, just like everyone else, we have the right to identify as Christians and live out our beliefs. Just as the world wants to push the notion that people can identify as a crazy number of genders, we choose to identify as either man or woman, the way God created us. Even Biology makes that pretty clear.

Here’s the thing… there are numerous battles Christians are provoked to become involved in. One of the battles that we are called to fight is for Truth. If I knew the truth about somebody close to you, and failing to reveal that truth would put your life in danger, you would hold that against me. The truth is that dying without Jesus Christ as our Saviour, and choosing to live lives based on our own version of “truth”, “morality” by satisfying our every desire instead of practicing self-control, our eternal life is at stake. If I fail to share that truth with the world, then I am acting in hatred. But when I choose to share it, it shows that I care for, and love others.

Conflict is inevitable, but combat is optional.

Have a great day sharing your faith in love!

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  1. I love the combat is optional part… Yet again – great writing Mr Mark.

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