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Actual Trust

Ernest Hemingway once said, the best way to find out whether you can trust somebody, is to trust somebody! That is very true. Because people have hurt us before, doesn’t mean that everyone else will do the same, but it does make us more careful.

Maybe you have trusted various people who have all disappointed you. Maybe you have been hurt by someone in the church. Maybe you are a pastor that is struggling to make sense of the way Christians act. Maybe you have been looking for a place to be safe and accepted, only to be let down. One thing is sure… people are fallible, even Christians; organisations mess up, even the church. But God isn’t, and God doesn’t! Never has He let anyone down who has called on Him, and He never will.

The problem that most of us have, is that when we ask Him something, and He gives us something different, we think that He failed us. He hasn’t! What’s best for us is not always what’s easy and comfortable. It’s often exactly the opposite. Do you think if a lump of clay could talk, it would be happy with what the potter is doing to it? It would probably just love to lie on the shelf and relax instead of being pushed and prodded and spun around ad nauseum. But if it was left alone, it would never reach its full potential so that it could be used for a greater purpose. If clay had an option, it would be best to trust the potter.

The Bible talks about how we are the clay and God, the Potter. If you and I want a life of purpose that will make us effective, impacting the world, then we must trust God. Trusting God doesn’t simply mean you say a quick prayer when your life isn’t going the way you want, whereas before that you never gave God the time of day. Trusting God means we give Him our all and ask him to ARM us.

Add to our lives what needs to be added so that we will trust Him.

Remove from our lives the doubt that we have.

Move our hearts to the beat of God’s plan for our lives.

You and I have an option today… to trust the Potter – or not. It doesn’t mean He’s going to give us everything we want. It also doesn’t mean our lives are going to be a bed of roses. In fact, Jesus tells us that if we want to follow Him, we need to take up our cross – and crosses are heavy and uncomfortable. Nothing ever worth achieving in this life ever came easy; why would living a world-changing life be any different? As Hemingway says, “The only way we will know whether we can trust somebody, is to trust somebody.” Trust God today! It will be the best decision you ever make.

Have an awesome day as you put your trust in Him!


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