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The summit is what drives us, but it’s the climb itself that really matters!

Every single person is born with a purpose. Every human being is born with a desire to do something special with their life. It is NEVER too late to pursue. Whether you and I are going to live our purpose depends on two things.

We need to know that in order to live the life that we have been created for, will mean a journey to the top of a very high mountain. Realising what it will take, we often tend to imprison ourselves with doubt and fear. Excuses begin flooding our minds and we start building walls that prevent us from taking that first step. Our age, our circumstances, our past and our lack of finances all become bricks and mortar in the prison of our minds. And the more we begin to build the walls, the less prone we are to break out. Settling for a boring life that wasn’t meant to be ours, becomes our prison cell, guarded by those fears and doubts. We can see our mountain through the prison bars. We long to climb it. But are held back by the very prison that we create in our own minds. And a mind prison is the most difficult place on earth to escape from.

Sometimes we think that our achievements from the past is enough, and we settle for having climbed halfway up our mountain. God always has something bigger for us. Having written that book, or starting that company, or planting that church is never the end. We cannot sit back, fold our arms and settle on a ledge. There’s more mountain to climb because there will always be people who need love and hope. There will always be better books to write and more churches to plant. What is written on our CV’s shouldn’t be the motivation to sit back. What is not yet written on them, should be motivation to climb further. We won’t reach the summit of our mountain of purpose in this lifetime. But the higher we climb, the more beautiful the view and the clearer our purpose becomes.

God created us and He created our mountain. Without truly knowing and trusting Him, we will try to climb someone else’s. Without having a personal relationship with the One who is the Way, we will lose ourselves on the journey. Our purpose in this world is to leave it a better place than it was when we came into it. Our purpose is to live lives that will be a blessing to those around us and further afield. Our purpose is to be the hands, the feet and the heart of Jesus Christ in a world that is crying out for hope. And the only way that can happen, is if we continue to climb our mountain, knowing that God is with us every single step of the way.

Have an amazing day, climbing!

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