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Losing it

Anger is one letter short of danger!

There are so many things happening around us; so many injustices; that it’s very difficult not to get angry about the way people are used, and things are loved. It has become part of the norm to step on people and do whatever it takes to get to the top. It seems completely normal to become angry about things that we don’t agree with, and then become even angrier at the people who have a different view to us.

Some anger may well be justified. When a society is more focused on selfish ambitions than lending a selfless hand to those who are in dire need, it is natural to be angry. When the world mocks our Saviour and talks about Jesus as if He were a weirdo, we are justified to feel angry. When someone harms those who are close to us for no reason at all… of course we will feel anger. I must confess that my anger boils over when the world scoffs at Christian morals and Godly values, and replaces them with sinful and proposterous ideas. The problem we often have however, is the failure to deal with that anger in a Godly way.

Mark Twain once said that anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored, than anything on which it is poured. There is none as deaf as those who choose not to hear. Our anger very seldom has any impact on those we direct it to, but always affects us the most. So why should we punish ourselves by being angry at others who probably aren’t even concerned about our concerns. By all means, we should fight for justice in an unjust world. By all means should we stand up for what is right in a world driven by what is wrong. But we are only weakening our ability to do so effectively when we cloud our judgement with anger.

I choose today to replace my anger with passion for what is right. I choose to toss out the anger and focus on ways of making this world a better place. I choose to leave judgement up to God and be driven by love.

Have an awesome day!

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