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What you do every day matters more than what you do once in a while!

The only way that we will be taken seriously, is found in consistency. But it is only possible when it’s rooted in our beliefs, because that is where we find the basis for our values and morals. And we can only be truly consistent in our actions and our words when they are consistent with our DNA.

Here’s the thing… God created our world and our society to worship Him. That is in our DNA! That is where our words and actions should find its inspiration! However, mankind has decided to take a different route. We have chosen to create our own system of morals. We have decided to find our values in comfort and things that make us feel important. By doing this, we are in constant battle with what we have been created to do and are therefore never really content – and certainly not consistent.

When we buy a car, it comes with a user manual. When we use it the way it was made to be used, it will consistently take us where we need to go. God has created us, and He poured his blood into the process, so that we can live a life of consistency and purpose. It is why we were created; it is in our DNA. If we can so easily believe that the manufacturer of a car knows how to get the best value out of an expendable item, why is it so difficult to believe that God knows how to give meaning to His most precious creation; you and I?

The reason why the world doubts God’s omniscience, is because of the inconsistency of Christians. We do something good once in a while, but fail to reflect Him every day of our lives. When we wake up every morning and choose to follow Him, every step of our day, consistency will begin to become part of who we are. There is no richer life than living out what we have been created to do. What God desires is His church being consistent. What the world needs to see, is you and I consistently living out our purpose to love and to serve.

Have an amazing, consistent day…

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