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Ride the right Wave

Your focus determines your future!

We all know that our lives are bombarded with choices every day. With all the decisions we need to make in our lives, we have to realise how important it is to stay focused. Every moment we become slack, means an opportunity to be side-tracked. Every moment that we don’t remain focused, is a moment that can deflect us from our path of purpose, onto a path of purposelessness.

What wave we focus on, will certainly determine our direction in life. If we choose to ride the first wave that comes along out of fear that there might not be another one, we have lost focus. If we choose to take the first wave because we are too impatient to wait for the one that is meant for us, we have lost focus. If we choose to ride the first wave that comes along because it seems manageable and not as big and scary as the ones behind, we have lost focus.

Our focus in life should be on living our purpose. Your and my purpose is certainly not based on fear. The only way that we can live a meaningful life that makes an impact, is when we are focused on what really matters. And what really matters is living a life that reflects our gratitude to God and our focus should always be on the cross. When that happens, life will never get blurry when the wrong waves come along. We will never lose hope when the world seems to be falling apart. We will not become despondent when society chooses to ride the wave of comfort and immorality. When we focus on Jesus Christ, we will ride the biggest and scariest wave of all, because we know that God has great plans for us and we never need to fear. We never need to settle for 2nd best.

So the question this morning is: “Where is our focus?” When we choose to focus on Jesus, the things of the world become strangely dim in our peripheral vision. There is no settling for what’s easiest and most comfortable. It’s not about what our eyes can see, but what our hearts do. And when the eyes of our hearts are zoomed in on the cross, our lives will be evidence of the laser-like focus. When we change our focus to what really matters, then nothing else really does!

Have an amazing day!

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