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We first make our habits, then our habits make us.

Who we are can be seen in what we do; and what we do often, is a clear indication of what our priorities are. Every single one of us has a bad habit. And usually it is something we begin doing or thinking, because of the influence of those around us. If there’s one question we need to ask ourselves more often, it is this: “Why am I doing this?”

Bad habits begin to take hold in our lives because we fail to interrogate our thoughts and actions. We lay down on the comfortable bed of bad habits simply because it is easy and popular. Choosing to do what is right is not a very comfortable thing in society today, because morals and principles seem to be based on shallow foundations. So we prefer to be chained to the comfortable “bad habit bed”. And once we lay down, it becomes extremely difficult to get up.

But all chains have a weak link. And a weak link in a chain that is preventing society to move in the right direction is a fantastic thing. You and I form part of society’s chain. And when we approach bad habits, with the right attitude, we become the weak link in a chain that needs to be broken. We have a part to play, but Jesus is the actual chain breaker. When we realise that we need Him in our lives, we are at the point of breaking from our past and moving into a future of hope. With Jesus, it doesn’t matter how many chains were holding us back in the past. He will break them all if we would only choose to get up from the bed of complacency, take up our cross and follow Him. Because it’s only when we move towards Him, that we can hear the chains of bad habits, and we realise that our bad decisions have been holding us back.

If every Christian in the world actually believed God’s promises, and every one of us chose to be the weakest link in a societal chain of bad choices and immorality, the world would be turned the right side up again. If every Christian chose the cross instead of comfort or popularity, we would see a revival, the likes of what has never been seen before. If we would humble ourselves and pray, turn from our bad habits and seek God’s face, He will heal this world.

Have an amazing day, you chain breaker.

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