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You can’t reach for anything new if your hands are still full of yesterday’s junk.

Today is the day to make decisions that will impact our future so greatly, that it will have ripple effects far bigger than we can ever imagine. How many of us wake up in the morning, wishing we could just stay in bed? But can’t, because bills need to be paid. We need to go to a job that we don’t really like, in order to make money that we don’t have, to pay for things that are far more luxurious than we need. How big of a house do we actually need? How luxurious does our car need to be? How many clothing accounts does one person need? How much money do we need to hoard up before it will be enough?

Every minute that passes by is 60 seconds we have less to live. Why would we choose to waste our precious time on doing things that are having no eternal impact? It just doesn’t make sense to keep running the rat race because that’s what everyone else is doing. We often hear the phrase, “Financial Freedom”, but it’s an oxymoron. Freedom isn’t ever found in the amount of money in our bank accounts. Freedom doesn’t come from cluttering our lives with material possessions. True freedom is found in faith. Because when our faith is in God, it gives us the courage to step out of a comfortable life, and into a life of purpose.

So let’s re-evaluate what is really important! We all have a calling – a bigger purpose, if you will. But that calling is being held back by the chains of materialism. It’s being restricted by following the masses in what is called “responsibilities.” Our greatest responsibility however, is to God. He is the One who should have our undivided attention. He is the One who says that He has a future for you and I, that is good and filled with hope. It is an exciting life that is filled with new opportunities and not simply the boring routine we find ourselves in. God promises us in His word, that if we first seek Him and give Him our undivided attention, He will give us what we need. He will look after us. It takes faith to believe that, and faith to act on it. All I can say is that God has never let me down before, and I live my life knowing that He never will. So, bring on the next chapter, because God is with me and obedience to Him trumps obedience to the world’s ways any day.

Life is too short, the world is too big, and God’s promises are too great to live an ordinary life.

Have an amazing day!

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