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We need wisdom to know what is gold, and what is simply gold-plated.

Some might look at the world and see progression and vast improvement. I look at society and see exactly the opposite. When there is technological advancement without compassion to our fellow human beings, we have taken 1 step forward and 3 steps back. When there is a fight for a cause, but it is done in anger and resentment, nobody wins. When there are 8 billion people in the world, but there are still lonely souls who have nobody to talk to, we are failing miserably as a society. When the motive to do good things is simply to be noticed, we are lacking honour and love. The world is not only full of people who need a meal, but it is also starving from a lack of Wisdom.

We might be equipped with more knowledge about things than ever before, but we are so empty of wisdom that it is killing relationships and morality. It has been said that the longest distance in the world, is the 30cm between our heads and our hearts. The knowledge we have in our heads, must be tested with a scale called the heart. When the world shouts one thing, we need to balance it with what God says in our hearts. You see, when we accept Jesus Christ and we choose to live for Him, our heart of stone, is replaced with a heart of compassion and understanding. That new heart is what gives us true wisdom that is far superior to any amount of knowledge that the world can conjure up.

How has this so called worldly knowledge helped us so far? It has lead to more hatred, more wars, more murders, more protests, more anger, more disdain… When we consider ourselves clever, we seldom choose to listen to other possibilities. So far, that hasn’t been working and it never will, Our world is in bigger turmoil and in more trouble than ever before. Why is it so difficult to believe that there is another way. God has a way when there seems to be no way but we choose to keep opening the same old doors thinking that our earthly knowledge can fix things, always ending up with the same disappointing outcome.

When we allow the wisdom of God to supersede the knowledge of the world, then we are taking numerous steps forward to create a society filled with love and compassion. The Bible says that, in order to get that wisdom, we need to fear God. Not a fear that freaks us out, but one that accepts His authority and loves Him. That will make all the difference in a world that is starving for love, joy compassion, peace and hope. Boy, do we need it.

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