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Every day I watch the news, it becomes more and more apparent how much fear the world is living in. The authorities are certainly not helping the situation with their fear mongering comments and drastic steps that are taken. There are two simple reasons why so many people are afraid spitless; the fear of dying and the fact that they don’t know the One who gives us peace in the midst of the storm.

Now I’m not downplaying COVID in any way. In fact, we have lost 3 friends to this virus. But it seems to me that there are far more serious things we need to focus on than something that has a 3% chance of killing you if you do get the virus. And in Australia, we have a 0.04% chance of actually getting COVID. Why hasn’t the same amount of effort, money and scare tactics been used when it comes to things that are really destroying people’s lives like drugs, sex slavery, child labour, the love of money, and the unthreading of society’s moral fibre. We are infecting the world with our wayward morals and principles and that seems to be absolutely fine with everyone, despite the fact that these things have taken far more lives than COVID has, or ever will. The simple reason is selfishness. When it starts affecting ME, and the possibility of ME dying, then I sit up and listen. Because the only one I am really concerned about is ME. Nobody wants to die, right!

But the reason why so many people are so afraid of dying, is because they don’t know the One who gives eternal life. I’m not sure about you, but when I die, I know that it won’t be the end. In fact, that will be the beginning of an eternity spent with God in all His perfection; no more drug abuse, no more children sold as sex slaves, no more love of money, no more child labour, no more unthreaded moral fibre, no more COVID. I am excited about spending eternity with God, so death doesn’t freak me out. It doesn’t make me shiver in fear when something like COVID comes along, because I know that God is ultimately in control, not COVID, or the authorities who are scrambling around. In the midst of this pandemic, I refuse to fear, because I know where my help and my strength comes from. I refuse to get caught up in this world-wide panic that is gripping people. I choose to find peace in Christ. Only when we accept Him, will we really experience a peace that the world can never understand. We have a choice… choose God and know peace, or turn your back on Him and know fear. It blows me away that people will even doubt which way to go. It’s an absolute no-brainer.

I am going to have an awesome, fearless day. I hope you choose to do the same.

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