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Don’t do it!

You had a purpose before anyone had an opinion.

People do the craziest things to gain the approval of those they don’t even know. And when they get the thumbs up, it feeds the beast – the beast that’s looking for more likes on Facebook and more followers on Instagram. It becomes an obsession to please others. The truth is that we all want to be accepted and loved. I don’t know of a single person who doesn’t want people to like them. But when our well-being depends on whether people approve of our actions or not, we are in serious trouble. When the reason to get out of bed is purely based on how the world sees us, we are in danger of losing our identity and true purpose.

We can also fall victim to the other extreme. Allowing our actions and plans to be dictated by the criticism of others, is something we simply should not allow to happen. These days, everyone seems to be offended by everything. When we have an opinion about something that is opposed by society, we might even defect to the other side simply because we don’t like being challenged. We crumble due to the criticism of the majority and relinquish own morals for the sake of acceptance. Slowly but surely the moral fibre of society is being unravelled because we are too easily offended or disappointed when others disagree with us.

The only person ever to walk the face of this Earth and never allow the opinion of people to distract Him from His mission, was Jesus. He probably wouldn’t have had millions of followers on Instagram. His Facebook posts would most likely have been deleted because they would have been considered too offensive. The thing about Jesus is that He knew exactly what His purpose was and the only approval He was after, was the “LIKES” of His Father. What a different place the church would be, if each Christian had that same view, what a changed society it would lead to.

The next time you want to do something simply to impress other… don’t do it. The next time you want to betray your morals and calling because it might not carry the approval of society… don’t do it. Ask yourself, What Would Jesus Do! (WWJD)

Have an awesome day!

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