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You just can’t beat the person who won’t give up!

Some time or another, in every person’s life, there’s a battle going on – an internal conflict if you will. For some it might be a rare event. For others it may be a daily occurrence. Most of the time it’s probably other people who are responsible for the drama we have in our lives. But sometimes, that drama is created within us.

There are times in your and my life, when we just feel so tired and worn out. It might be because we are so busy doing things for everyone else; it might be because we no longer have the ability to do the things we were previously able to do; it might that we are feeling unwanted and unloved when friends and family turn their backs on us. It might be that the restrictions brought about by COVID are getting overwhelming. It’s during those times of doubt, that we need to re-evaluate life. Those are actually really important times that can either strengthen us to do great things, or break us down and leave us with no zest for life. The choices we make while stuck in the valley, will either leave us there, or inspire us to climb to the peak. And the 2 things that will determine that are:

Am I willing to work through the obstacles?

Do I have the vision to imagine the view from the top without being there to see it?

If my answer is no to either of the 2 questions, then I am choosing to give up. And that’s not what we were created to do. The very fact that you and I were born, makes us a miracle. Each person has a 1 in a 400 trillion chance of being who they are. I’d call that a miracle. God has given us life for a reason. He has a specific purpose for every single person. You might just feel like one of the crowd. Look at the odds again. While your heart is pumping and your lungs are breathing, you have a purpose on this earth. Don’t sell God short on His plans for you. To Him, age, gender, social status, job… none of that matters. His purpose for you is not limited by any of the things that the world sees as limitations.

So when that internal battle starts raging again, don’t feed it with doubt or fear by considering it. Instead, stand on what God says about you. Whether you accept God or not, He loves you. But when we do accept Jesus as our personal Saviour, He tells us that we are now children of God. So the next time those thoughts of doubt try to tell you that you are a nobody, don’t forget who you are. Shout right back at them, “I am a child of the One True King.” And when God is for us, who can ever be against us? That’s right, Nobody. So get up, and start tackling that mountain. It won’t be easy, but the view from the top is out of this world.

Have an amazing day, smashing that mountain.

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