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No Explanation Required

When we live moral and principled lives, and our motives are pure and based on love, there is never a need to explain our actions.

Think about it; the only time we want someone to explain their actions to us, is when we believe that the person did something wrong or assume that they have ulterior motives. But when we know the heart of someone, we very seldom tend to question their intentions because we know them more than just superficially. However, we are all fallible and we all have the wrong motives at one time or another. That’s why, sometimes, an explanation is required from all of us.

But when it comes to God, things are a bit different. He is the cornerstone of morals and principles. His motives are pure and He IS love. Why do we then have the audacity, as sinful mortals, to question God. God never explains Himself. Not only because He knows that His true followers don’t need an explanation from Him, but also because the rest won’t be happy with His answers. God is God and doesn’t need to explain Himself to anyone.

Now God has a purpose for every one of our lives. He created each person unique with our own gifts and talents. No matter how old or young we are, He is calling us to fulfill that purpose here on Earth. When God plants that vision or dream in our hearts as a stepping stone to fulfill His purpose in our lives, we should pursue it without any question. Never allow yourself to be held back by those who doubt your passion and vision. There will always be those who don’t believe that you are capable of succeeding. You don’t need to explain anything to them, because when God calls you, He equips you and that means you will succeed.

If people aren’t calling you crazy, your vision is too small, and God never gives us a small vision. So expect to be called crazy if you follow your calling.

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