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If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.

We all know that the world is changing. There are jobs today, that never existed 2 years ago. There are millionaires today, who barely had 2 cents to rub together a few years ago. And there are people who are alive today, because of the love they had been shown by others, they don’t even know. Who knows what tomorrow may bring?

Who knows what might happen if you and I decide to take that risk? Who knows what amazing book the world will get to read if aspiring authors believe that the best book is yet to be written? Who knows what amazing song the world is missing out on because aspiring songwriters don’t realise that the best song is yet to be written? Who knows how many people might find hope if every Christian understands that they are in a race that needs to be run?

A life without risk is very safe, but terribly boring. Waiting for the risk factor to diminish before we decide to follow our passion, will lead to nothing. Expecting the fruition of our God-given dreams to happen within our comfort zones is ridiculous. The basis of Christianity is faith. And faith means that we take each step, even if we can’t see where we are going. And we can do that with confidence because we know who is going with us. That is exactly why we don’t need to wait for what we see, as being the perfect moment to follow our dreams. We will never be ready, but God is!

So stop depriving the world of what it needs, simply because your doubts supersede your faith. God has given us all a purpose, but He never said that it will be easy. And that is why we need faith. Because, until our faith becomes stronger than our fears, we are not fulfilling our life’s purpose. Trust God, and change the world.

Have an awesome day!

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