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The Bridge

When I was young, I felt invincible. Yet, today, there are so many young people who are struggling; feeling overwhelmed by the responsibilities the world is giving to them. There has probably never been an age since creation, that children and teenagers have been presented with more options than they are having to deal with today. It’s no wonder that they are confused.

Children are being given the responsibility to make life changing decisions about everything from gender choice, to discipline enforcement. It has gotten to the point where their own parents have less say than they have on these issues. Laws are stipulating this. A simple question needs to be asked: “If we consider children under the age of 18 to be too young to prosecute as adults, for whatever reason, how on earth do adults think that children are old enough and wise enough to make life changing decisions?”

We might think that we are helping our young people by doing this, but in fact we are raising a confused generation that is scared and overwhelmed. Children need guidance, not the weight of life altering decision-making on their shoulders. Children need role models, not adults shirking their responsibilities simply because they want to be their children’s friend. By doing this, children are losing all respect for adults, and I don’t blame them. When will we open our eyes and see how we are destroying a generation simply because we want to seem cool in their eyes.

The circumstances in schools are dire. The circumstances in families are at a critical point. Children are overwhelmed by the responsibilities they are given and parents are frustrated because of a lack of discipline and respect. The world is losing its smile because it is overwhelmed by the circumstances we have brought on ourselves. We need a bridge that will carry us from the despair of our circumstances, to the joy we need in our hearts; the smile that we need to brighten our lives. And the only way across is HOPE.

The world might seem hopeless, but there is never a point we can reach as a society, that is outside God’s realm of hope and love. What God is calling us to do today, is to humble ourselves before Him. He is asking us to trust Him and to stand, not only on His promises, but also on His principles. When we begin to earnestly seek Him and repent, He will give us a hope that surpasses all understanding. I am frustrated by the chaos the world finds itself in, but I know there is order in God. I am sad to see the injustice happening around me, but I know that the God of justice is still in control. I know that one day, God will be known to all the world and that, on that day, truth will not be able to be denied by anyone. On that day, every single person will bow down and proclaim Him as King.

But until that day, stand firm on the hope that He gives us and don’t allow the condition of the world, to rob you of the joy we have in God.

Have an amazing day filled with hope.

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