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He who has never been burned in the sun, will never know the value of the shadow.

The ultimate goal of our modern day society can be summed up in one single word – comfort. Every single bit of technological advancement is simply to make our lives easier. Every single new business that opens its doors, is focused on providing a service or selling a product that will create a more comfortable environment for us. And while we might rave about these amazing “steps forward”, we would do better to realise the detrimental effect it is having on our general well-being.

Think about any amazing feat that was ever achieved. Not a single one occurred from a place of comfort and ease. Every heroic deed and “worthwhile to mention” achievement, was borne from blood, sweat and tears. Success is always proceeded by failure. Achievements always come from stepping outside our comfort zone. Because, in the midst of our struggles, we learn perseverance. It’s during life’s storms we face, that we learn how to deal with the torrents that threaten to sweep us away.

It’s only when we have been lost, that we will know the joy of being found. It’s only when we have experienced rough seas, that we can truly appreciate calm waters. It’s only when our hearts have been broken, that we can appreciate the joy of being mended. We must experience discomfort, to really appreciate the important things in life like love, hope and peace. When we are unloved by the world, we can know that God loves us. When the world is drowning in the sinking sand of hopelessness, we can know that our hope is on the Solid Rock, Jesus Christ. When nations are rising against nations, we can know that Our Saviour is the Prince of Peace.

So the next time things get tough and we struggle to see the reason for our pain, we need to know that whatever we are going through, is preparing us to be able to appreciate God’s blessings. Because without going through trials, we often fail to see God’s goodness.

Have an amazing day!

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