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Too busy?

Don’t allow low-priorities things to steal your limited time.

On the one hand, this week has been miserable. Sunday evening I developed a sore throat and woke up on Monday morning with a full-on chest infection. I’ve been coughing and spluttering for 5 days solid. And, as if that wasn’t enough, this inflammation that I get in my ankles also started flaring up, making it really difficult to walk. “Shame” you might be thinking. So did I.

On Wednesday morning, after having binge watched Law and Order and House Hunters International, I decided to pray about how I was feeling. I obviously asked God to heal me… and then as a bit of a back-up plan, in case He didn’t, I asked Him to teach me something from this sudden bout of stuck-in-bed. It’s Friday morning and I’m still feeling pretty rubbish, but something became very clear to me over the past few days… PRIORITISE. So, on the other hand, it’s been a week of learning a valuable lesson.

When I’m healthy and mobile, which is most of the time, I tend to prioritise the wrong things. All my time and effort go into my work. When I’m at home, I’ll tumble onto the couch and watch TV for hours on end without blinking an eyelid. I will play Xbox with my boys for ages. And in all of this, my priorities become clear. You see, the things you pay most attention to, and spend the most time doing, are a true reflection of your priorities. We all like to say God must always come first, but does He? We all like to say we need to spend more time with loved ones, but do we?

Priorities are not found in great quotes and niceties, they are found in action, and time spent! If it had to take a miserable week to get me to reprioritise, I’m okay with that. Hopefully I have learnt my lesson and I will now spend time doing the things that God is calling me to do, instead of doing things to impress those around me.

Have a great day!

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