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His Greatness in Perspective

God’s greatness can only be understood when I make the decision to remove the veil that’s covering my heart.

Nobody in their right mind would ever believe that a building erected itself through a random process of evolution. Once there was nothing, but then, through some unexplained burst of energy, atoms appeared and eventually arranged themselves to form bricks. Those bricks then, perfectly mind you, stacked themselves upon one another. The cement and other parts of the structure did the same, to eventually form a beautiful piece of architecture. Buildings require planning and precision. They don’t randomly fall into place.

Why then, if it doesn’t make sense, do we continue to doubt the existence of God and that He is behind the miracle of life? God planned our lives and He created each one of us with precision. You are not the result of nothingness being put together into somethingness. It’s no wonder that so many people feel depressed and worthless. So would I if I believed that I was simply the result of a random act of nature. That would mean that I’m just here and haven’t really been put on earth for any bigger purpose. But when I remove the veil of lies, and I realise that through God, all things were created and that God considers you and I the pinnacle of His creation, then we might begin to understand our worth. When we know that God is love, and that He created you because He is love, we begin to understand that we are never unwanted no matter how people might treat us.

Put your hand on your heart… that’s purpose. Take a look in the mirror… that’s a miracles. Look at the cross… that’s love. Stop trying to find purpose in things of this world. Stop waiting for your miracle, you are one. Stop looking for love in the wrong places. And because God loves me unconditionally, I choose to live for Him. And contrary to what people might think, it’s not a sacrifice, it’s a privilege.

Have an amazing day.

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