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Let it go

“Some people are so poor; all they have is money.”

Don’t believe the lie that success is measured by how much you have accumulated. It can’t be, because we will never feel that we have enough so, with that mindset, success is unobtainable. Running after things is called a rat race. We are always moving to beat the next person in acquiring more wealth, but never get to the finish line. There is no finish line because no amount will ever be enough. So we put our dreams on hold to chase after something that we will never catch. We postpone “living” in exchange for “existing”. We trade the best years of our lives to accumulate stuff that we hope we can enjoy later on, but never get to enjoy it, because living in comfort doesn’t give your soul peace, it gives your body pleasure. And it’s only in our soul that we truly find peace and fulfillment.

Us humans claim to be so intelligent, yet we act so stupid. No bird builds more nests in order to outdo another one. No bear spends its life chasing after food so it can have more than another. No ant or bee works all day to get more for itself. Everything they do is to better the colony and the hive. The way we will find purpose in our lives is to do things for others. When our eyes and hearts shift from our wants, to the needs of others, then we begin to understand the true meaning of life. When we begin to realise that it is in giving that we actually receive, our lives will begin to have real meaning. That’s when we will stop chasing life, and start experiencing it.

We claim to love others, yet we tend to only live for ourselves. We say we are happy, yet we lack true joy. We paint a picture of a successful life, yet, deep down, we know it’s not true. True success, peace and joy can only be found in being a team player. And the team that makes that possible is Team Jesus. He is the ultimate example of what it means to have nothing, yet have everything. He is the epitome of living a sacrificial life that was filled with disappointment, yet flooded with joy and success. He spent all His time on Earth, making time for others, while we claim to be so busy that we don’t take the time to catch up with someone.

It’s time to let go. It’s time to exchange selfish goals for selfless ones. It’s time to make time for what’s really important and what really constitutes success – how much difference has my life made to others? It’s time to let go!

Have an amazing day.

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