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Give it away

What we do for ourselves, dies when we do. But what we do for others, remains.

It’s common advice given that we should do whatever makes us happy. And it therefore becomes common practice that we chase after self-gratification. Anything that makes us feel physically and emotionally satisfied becomes what we pursue, with no consideration of the cost. And that, exactly there, becomes the problem that we so often think is the answer to a happy life.

What we need to realise, is that unless we have spiritual joy, we will never be at peace and we will always be chasing after things that only provide temporary satisfaction. No matter how much money we have, we will always want more. No matter how much stuff we have, we will always want more. No matter how much drugs we use, we will always want more. No matter how much power we have, we will always want more. That’s because we are naturally selfish beings. It goes against our nature to consider others above ourselves. And that is what makes being a Christian so different.

Christians must stand out and be noticed. Not because we think we are better than others and want to be recognized for who we are, but because we realise that we are no better than anyone else and we want His love to be recognized in us. And the only way we can do that is by living a sacrificial life. The amazing thing is that when we stop considering our own wants and we consider the needs of those around us, it gives us a deep-seated joy and purpose. And when we look back, we see that it wasn’t really a sacrifice at all, because what we gave up, has made our lives far better than it was when we chose to hang on.

I recently lost a friend of mine. He had a heart-attack at quite a young age. It just made me realise how little control we have over our time here on earth. So, instead of waiting for that final heartbeat, why don’t we make each one count by donating our lives to a bigger cause. Why don’t we start loving our neighbours and stop living only for ourselves? Why don’t we start doing things that will have eternal value? It’s time for the world to see Jesus in us, instead of us. Start today, by speaking a word of encouragement to someone, instead of waiting for someone to do it for you. Give a stranger a heart-felt compliment, instead of waiting for someone to pat you on the back. Send someone a message telling them what they mean to you. And know one thing, you are being a blessing and you are bringing a smile to the heart of God. Have an amazing day.

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