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Only One Way

“Without knowing what I am and why I am here, real living is impossible.”

Because we are born into a sinful world, we are naturally very selfish beings. Everything seems to revolve around ourselves and our own comfort. We might feel sorry for the multitude of children starving every day. We might spare a thought for all the masses who have no voice. We might even give some money towards a worthwhile cause every month, in an attempt to sooth our consciences. And maybe we’ve convinced ourselves that we are fulfilling our purpose. But are we really?

I want you to know that you have a heavenly purpose. It has been knit into your DNA by God before you were even born. He has given you a dream that will linger in you until your final day on earth. That dream and that purpose that forms part of who we are, is what makes us all ask that question, “What is the purpose of my life?” I have spent many years trying to find what makes me tick… trying to find real joy. I wasted so much of my life looking for meaning in places that were self-seeking, only to find it in a complete different place. In fact, we are asleep, until we find Love; and Love is Jesus Christ.

Once we truly find Jesus, we truly find purpose. Not once did He consider His own pain, suffering, persecution, humiliation and, eventually execution. To Him it was and always will be about what God had called Him to do. Living in love will mean sacrificing our worldly status. It will mean sacrificing our comfort. It will mean giving up worldly pleasures. Because you see, it is impossible to serve Christ, and ourselves. It’s Him, or us. But the amazing thing is, that when we begin to let go of our grip on this world, we begin to take hold of our purpose. That’s when we are set free and no longer search for Life’s meaning. It’s at that moment that the light switches on and we see what’s really important – serving others.

We chase after worldly things, hoping to find joy and satisfaction. We listen to society telling us that our comfort brings us pleasure. But there is no greater pleasure, joy or reward than finding Jesus. Because when we do, we find our purpose to serve others. And in finding that purpose, we find what it means to be truly fulfilled. Without that true fulfilment, there will always be a gap that needs to be filled and it will keep us chasing after things, in the hope of finding what we are really looking for. Stop chasing after things that are taking you further from your purpose.

Have an awesome day knowing that Jesus is alive and His purpose for you is alive. You have a purpose in Him. He created you to make an impact. Why not Impact the world?

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