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Choose to Impact

“We must be free inside, to make a difference outside.”

We live in a world full of talk, and void of action. There are protests going on all the time. People wanting to be in the limelight, love to grab a microphone and babble on about how life is unfair and how sexism, racism and poverty needs to be stopped. These very same people who have so much to say, are the ones who don’t actually do anything to make a real change. We love to “fight” for a cause, but as soon as it demands of us to step out of our comfort zone to actually fight for the cause, we don’t. When we can do something to help others, but realise that our actions will probably go unnoticed by large crowds, we don’t see the point, because we won’t benefit. That’s when pride drives our words and our actions.

But what about someone who doesn’t consider whether the world sees what they do, but they do it anyway because their actions are motivated by love? We all talk about the world needing more love. We all talk about the world needing hope. We all talk about the world needing peace. We all want less racism, sexism, poverty and judgement. But is that really what the world wants? Because, 2000 years ago, a man who stood for all those things walked the face of the earth. Jesus Christ loved completely, brought hope and peace, said that all people are equal in God’s eyes, and told the one without sin to judge others – nobody was able because everyone has sinned. The only man in history who completely stood for all the things the world is crying out for, was crucified by the world.

Why? Because society is driven by pride, camouflaged with “We really care”. Christ is driven by love that doesn’t need to be camouflaged because it is pure. And because we want the world to notice us and our efforts, we are taking Christ out of our schools, universities and governments. In fact, we are teaching the exact opposite of love, but camouflaging it as humanity. The only way this will ever change is if we allow the One who is Love, to free us from pride on the inside, which will allow us to love completely on the outside. We need to live in such a way that we don’t strive for the applause of the world, but for the smile of Our Heavenly Father.

Have an awesome day being that person who makes God smile.

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