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Firm Feet

“I was not born to sit still and do nothing. If I fail it will not be because I didn’t strive for it.”

There’s no point in trying to stand firm, if we aren’t planting our feet in the right place. So much is happening around us, that it’s very easy to be swayed by popular opinions. Because the majority is walking in one direction, doesn’t mean they know where they’re going. Because you and I are on the road less travelled, doesn’t mean we are lost. Nations all around the world are turning their backs on the foundation on which they were founded. Individuals, who once knew the truth, now chase after those popular opinions that have no foundations. Once we decide not to stand firm in our faith anymore, then we won’t stand at all.

The thing about God is that He never forces us to do anything. It’s all left up to us. That’s what love is. Love gives us the rock to keep us standing firm, but also gives us wings to become everything we have been created to be. Finding the perfect balance between those gifts is what we need to focus on. By keeping our feet firmly on “The Rock” and at the same time, reaching for the stars, we are bringing a smile to the face of Our Father. And how do we do that? That’s part of why Jesus Christ came to this earth. He came to be the perfect example of how we should be humble, even if we are children of the One true King. Of how we should stand firm, even when society around us is crumbling. And how we should keep moving in the right direction, even though it might be painful and unpopular.

Don’t let any person ever tell you that being a follower of Christ is easy. It’s being preached today that being a Christian is a prosperity thing. When you follow Christ you won’t prosper in every aspect of your life, but you will prosper in things like peace, hope and joy. Things that material prosperity can’t give you. Things that popularity prosperity can’t offer. I prosper, not because of what I own, but because of who I belong to. I prosper, not because of what the world thinks of me, but because of what I know my Father thinks of me. I prosper, not because of what I can do, but because of what Jesus has done on the cross for me, and I accept Him. I prosper not because of who I am, but because of who He is.

And that is why I choose to plant my feet on Jesus Christ, My Rock. Just like a tree, planted by the waterside, there might be floods and winds that bend me, but they won’t break me. Because my hope and strength and joy is found in my Saviour. And there is no better place to be, than in His presence.

Have an awesome day!

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