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Do Something

One of the toughest things anyone can experience is a feeling of worthlessness. It’s something that continuously gnaws at our minds and tries to convince us that we have no purpose. The question it keeps throwing at us is, “What’s the point?”

Well, I have to keep fighting those attacks all the time. You see, when you are a “nobody” in the eyes of the world, then what you do and what you say often has little impact, because people are inclined to listen to somebody who has “made it” in life. The world sees wealth and popularity as signs of success. So as far as society is concerned, most of us are totally unsuccessful and therefore insignificant. Because few people notice the little things we do and say, we feel that it has no purpose., and we stop doing them in an attempt to shield our fragile egos.

I sometimes post a video about my faith and God’s goodness on Facebook and my (very new and insignificant) YouTube channel. It’s nothing professionally done, but simply a small way of sharing my faith. The result is often some encouraging comments, but also some sarcastic and hurtful ones. But I’ll keep going, because it might not convert the world, but it does encourage a handful of people. And every person encouraged is “something”. Whynotimpact is involved with helping children in a village in India to improve their lives and education. Williams D Ray is a great friend of mine and we work together. (He’s in India and I am in Australia) We also support Pastor Felix Dai in a small way, who is doing an amazing work in Uganda. These are small, seemingly insignificant things, in the bigger picture of the world’s problems, but it’s something.

To those of you who might be feeling that you are worthless. Anybody out there that might be thinking that what they are doing is insignificant, STOP. If you’re doing something to even help one single person, then you must keep going. Doing something small is better than not doing something at all. I have big dreams, and so should you. But if what we do never changes the world, we should be okay with that. As long as we keep encouraging and loving those who God has connected us with, we have a purpose. When you put your hand on your chest, that’s not only your heart beating, it’s God’s message to you, “You have a purpose!”

When we are in God’s will, we must expect resistance from the world – keep going anyway. When we step out and do something, there will be critics – do it anyway. When we feel that what we are doing is insignificant – do it anyway. Because what might seem insignificant in the eyes of the multitude, might make the world of difference to a few. You have a purpose, and never believe otherwise. Dream to change the world, one person at a time. And remember, that in God’s eyes, you are a SOMEBODY!

Have an awesome day!

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