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Simple Shift – Better World

Nobody with a pulse can argue that the world is in trouble. Every person wants what they want, but every person seems to forget that they are not alone in this world. The problem is that we become so absorbed in our own wants, that we forget about the needs around us. That’s when we make a bigger deal out of our “supposed rights” than the real plight of others. That’s when double standards become a new normal because “my rights” then take preference over someone else’s.

We will do well as a society to rather wake up each morning with a different mindset to what we have become accustomed to. A less selfish approach can change the world. It’s time that we stop acting like selfish brats, only thinking about our rights. Instead, let’s choose to think about our obligations. And the enemy is managing to allow this attitude to infiltrate the lives of Christians. If there is one thing that Jesus showed through His life, it was selflessness. He never considered His own rights, but rather what the will of His Father was.

When it comes to church, we want a barista made coffee in the lobby. We want a rock star preacher. And we want to see our blessings in our wallets. We want to see the world changed but are never willing to step outside of our comfort zones. I know that we cannot earn God’s grace, but we do have obligations as Christians. Not obligations because it can earn me brownie points, but because I recognise what Jesus did for me on the cross and I want to live for Him out of love and gratitude. When we follow Jesus, we no longer come first in our lives… He does. We then no longer become obsessed with our rights and begin to realise that all we have is because of His grace and love. We realise that putting others first becomes our obligation. Living a life that reflects His love and grace, becomes a priority.

Have an amazing day.

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