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I choose not to be Distracted

The deeper into the heart of God we go, the more the enemy will oppose us but the more God will draw us to Him. The enemy may be strong but his strength is limited. God’s grace, on the other hand, has no limits.

There’s a new train of thought that’s so ridiculous, it’s hard to believe that people give it the time of day. Well, they do. They even give it the time of night. The new standard of wokeness is tearing down the family structure and it simply makes no logical sense. We all know about the birds and the bees. That without a MAN and a WOMAN, people cannot be born. And without people, there can be no families. Can anyone then please explain to me why society is so content on tearing down the family structure? Why does society refuse to recognise the obvious differences between male and female? It’s now called gender fluidity and any vocabulary that even hints at someone being male or female needs to be removed from the annuls of history.

In the past, family meant everything. Today, it is torn to shreds by a society that fails to admit its importance. But, its no wonder that this is happening. When the enemy can’t destroy you, he will make sure that you are distracted. The enemy is trying to break down 2 institutions that God has put in place – the church and the family unit. And he is doing that by distracting the world from what is really important! Distracted us from the real issues in the world like poverty and abandoned children and child labour and true individual freedom. I have no issue with people having their views on gender and sexual orientation and family structure. I do however have a problem when it is shoved down my throat and I no longer have the freedom to believe what I believe. I will love all people, no matter what they believe, but I will not be bullied into following principles that directly oppose my faith. I choose not to be distracted.

“Keep your eyes on the Lord and you won’t lose sight of life’s purpose.”

Have an amazing day!

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