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Love has no conditions

The only way we can begin to fathom the concept of unconditional love, is when we know the One who is love – Jesus Christ. Loving people when they hate us in return is an illogical thing. It’s simply something that we are not capable of without understanding God’s amazing love for us.

No matter what you and I have done, it can never be bad enough to stop God from loving us. God even loves those who deny His existence. He loved the very people who spat on him; punched him; and drove nails into His hands and feet. That just doesn’t make sense. They didn’t deserve His love. Right? But here’s the thing. He was able to wipe them from the face of the earth when all that was happening, yet, He didn’t. He became their advocate before God and asked God to forgive them, “For they no not know what they are doing.” Jesus certainly didn’t agree with what they were doing and He most definitely didn’t condone their behaviour. All that Jesus was concerned about was reflecting who He was, and is, and always will be – Love.

Jesus also shows us that love doesn’t mean that we become everyone’s doormat and accept everything they hand out to us. He clearly spoke up against the travesties of that time. He made it very clear when He didn’t agree with what was happening in society, and so should we. We should be heard when ridiculous suggestions are being tabled like the one that is currently doing the rounds. Apparently, the words father and mother are to be removed from vocabulary as they are gender based. “Father” will now become “non-birthing parent” and “mother”, “birthing parent. It is now also being taught at Kinder level that there should be no distinction between boys and girls because genders need to be “fluid”. Well, the last time I looked I was clearly a man. There’s no fluidity about my gender. Simple biology tells me that a man and a woman have physiologically been created differently and if it wasn’t for the clear difference, then it would mean the end of the human race – in fact, all life on earth. The notion is also being shoved into our faces that white people need to deny our “whiteness” and promote “blackness” Am I proud of the way white people treated black people in the passed? Certainly not. But that wasn’t me. I can’t be held responsible for other people’s actions. The last time I looked, I was white and I am proud of it. I am proud of my history because that is what made me who I am today. A person who loves all people, no matter their race.

These crazy ideas that society is shoving down our throats cannot be accepted by Christians because it goes against the core of what we believe. God created each and every one of us and I will not deny who I am because of a society that is experiencing an identity crisis. My identity is in Him and I am very secure in that. Having said that, as a Christian, I need to love those who hate me for having the views that I have. My main concern should be reflecting the One in whom I find my identity – the One who is love. My responsibility as a Christian is to stand up for what I believe, but to love those who disagree with my views.

Be sure to test your words, before you spit them out. Let all your words be spoken in love for God, and for others.

Have an awesome day!

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