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Nothing can stop you

When you’re walking with God, nothing can stop you because you know where you’re standing.

Distractions are responsible for so many of us not living out our true potential. We allow things to pull us into life’s comfort zone. And by doing that, we distance ourselves from the zone where miracles happen. When we choose to put comfort ahead of growth, we slowly stagnate. Because, you see, true growth only happens in the midst of challenges. It only happens when we choose to tackle a challenge head on. That’s why we so often lack true spiritual maturity in our lives.

Another “dream killer” is giving circumstances permission to stop us from becoming everything God created us to be. God is no respecter of circumstances. In fact, He creates miracles in spite of what’s happening around us – if only we would trust Him. David was facing an “impossible” giant, yet he never allowed the natural impossibility, to diminish his God. Daniel was facing a den full of starving lions. There was no worse circumstance he could find himself in. But he chose to believe that God is bigger than any danger he was facing.

Don’t allow yourself to get stuck in the quicksand of your circumstances or your comfort zone, because that will only lead to a place of complacency. Instead, let it motivate you to step out and step into what God has for you. A life of purpose is waiting for those who choose to stand on the Rock – Jesus Christ. Don’t sell yourself short… He doesn’t.

Have an awesome day!

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