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Remind me who I am

In a world where popularity has become more important than character, the moral fiber of society is rapidly unravelling.

We have become so afraid to say “No” or to question immorality, that we are allowing wayward ideologies to supersede the truth. We hear 8 billion voices trying to convince us to become something that we are not. But there is only One voice that really reveals the truth about who we are and expresses our value. The only voice that really matters is God’s.

God says that you are fearfully and wonderfully made. His thoughts about you are far more than the grains of sand on all the beaches. The life He has planned for you is full of purpose. Why then do we choose to listen to the noise of the world, when God is saying, “You are special and I love.

My prayer is that we will live a life of victory because He has created us to win. That we won’t try to impress others, but be confident in who we are in Him.

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