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Same Purpose

Instruments were created to make beautiful music. I can’t really play any myself, but I love the peaceful sounds that flow from each one. Sometimes they are neglected and their deterioration causes them to miss notes and become out of tune. But that doesn’t change the purpose of their creation.

Some days we feel despondent and lack the enthusiasm for a “lifesong”. It might even seem that we have lost the ability to get through a day with a song in our heart. There are times when our lives seem so out of tune – times when we feel as if we are lacking a melody. On those very days when the keys and strings of our lives can only manage a cacophony, it’s vital to remember that we still have a purpose. When circumstances bring us to a place where we feel useless… we MUST remember our purpose has never changed. When our own bad choices bring us to a place where we feel “too far gone”… we MUST remember that God’s purpose for our life remains the same.

Sometimes we feel so far away from where we should be that we forget the tune of our “lifesong”. That’s when God wants to step in and remind us of the notes. When we allow Him to conduct the symphony, His purpose for our lives become “lived out”. No matter how down you might be feeling right now, remember, that just as an instrument was made to bring beauty to the world, you and I were created by God to share His love and to make this world a better place. This amazing purpose we have been entrusted with, never changes, irrespective of how we may be feeling or what our circumstances may be. We are always in a place where we can colour the world with His love and grace.

Have an awesome day as you colour the world!

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