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Stand out

“The best thing I ever received, was given some time ago. It lifted me up, while making Him low.”

Every year there is less of Jesus and more of a crowd mentality brought into Christmas. Every Christmas seems to become more about our wants and less about our needs. We don’t need gifts and an abundance of food – we need Jesus every day of the year.

Let’s go back about 2000 years ago. Jesus had a perfect spot in heaven where He was worshipped and adored; where His majesty was recognised. Why would anyone want to leave a place of perfection and move to a place of greed, hatred and egocentrism? Well He did. He gave up heaven for earth knowing full well what was waiting for Him. His motivation for this strange move was two-fold… obedience to His Father and love for us. Jesus never chose comfort above what needed to be done to save a lost world. He chose to live as an example and die in love.

And yet, here we are – unwilling to humble ourselves in order to lift others up. Our worlds so often consist of “population ME” where there’s no place for anyone’s needs – only for our wants! It’s time we apply the “Jesus attitude” It’s time we choose to be obedient to God and sacrifice whatever it takes to love others – even when we feel they are undeserving; even if it means we need to do without luxuries so that other can have access to necessities. Jesus came to this earth depriving Himself of all luxuries that He deserved, even to the point of a cruel death, to offer us an eternal life that we certainly don’t deserve. It’s time we start seeing Christmas for what it is… a call to obedience and love.

Have a blessed Christmas with family and friends. And if you feel alone, remember you aren’t. There’s a Saviour that was born on this day that came to this earth for one reason… to have a relationship with you. And He’s right there with you. Feel free to send me a message if you are feeling alone. I would love to share this day of hope with you.

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