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We cannot build our hope on an ever changing foundation of confusion. It only becomes real when built on a solid rock.

Ever wonder why we often feel lost and confused? Why there are more suicides and mental health issues than ever before? Ever think about why we love to portray a happy life on the outside, yet we are crumbling on the inside? That quiet time of the day when we are away from everyone that influences our actions, and when we are only accountable to ourselves… we tend to fall apart. Why is that?

The answer is simple yet complicated. The more the world pushes for freedom of speech and freedom of choice… the more we become entangled. The simple truth is that the more choices we have, the more confusing life becomes. And the less guidance we choose to listen to, the more mistakes we will make. It’s no wonder that children are confused. It has been scientifically proven that the part of the brain that is responsible for making rational decisions, has not yet been developed in children and teenagers. And yet, we decide that it’s okay for them to make life-altering decisions without intervention allowed by an adult. In Victoria, a bill has been put forward that prohibits any adult to give advice to a child who is considering gender transformation. In schools, teachers are not allowed to shout at misbehaving children anymore.

We all need an anchor. We all need a place where we feel safe and loved and where we are guided. We all need security in life’s storms. You and I both know what fair weather friends are. But sometimes we are the ones who mess up and totally deserve friends walking out on us. But there’s a friend who will never abandon us when we deserve it. There’s a friend who will always hold onto us despite the severity of the storm around us or inside of us. His name is Jesus. And when we choose to make Him the anchor of our lives, we will never again need to pretend that our ship isn’t sinking – because it never will. He is the One who gives the best advice ever. All we need to do is choose to follow it.

You see, in life, there are two options – follow Jesus and stay afloat, or follow the world and sink. As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.

Have an amazing day!

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