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Let’s be Blunt

The fact that the world and its ideas don’t make sense, doesn’t mean that you and I don’t belong here. It doesn’t mean that we are crazy!

Everything that is truth and that has been working perfectly well for centuries, is currently being viewed as offensive. The question is, offensive to whom? Why is society trying to find a hidden agenda behind every idea? Why are they looking for hate speech behind every word? Why is the world digging for dirt on everyone who doesn’t agree with their points of view? Racism, sexism and narrow-mindedness is found, whether it’s there or not.

What is wrong with a good family structure where there is a father, mother and children? How is it that nature shows us that for the survival of a species to be ensured, there needs to be males and females, yet we disregard this obviosity when it comes to the human race? That’s the way we have been created, so why are we trying to refute the truth? By all means… if anyone has the desire to become someone different to how they were created, then go ahead! But don’t try to indoctrinate the rest of the world and make us feel that we are wrong and that we must all abide by the language and desires of a miniscule number of people.

What is wrong with being proud of one’s cultural and racial heritage? I am the first to agree that racism is an evil practice and that it needs to be eradicated. I grew up in an apartheid South Africa and have seen what racism really is. But, what is labelled as racism in most cases today is nothing more than a grasping at straws. These days, it doesn’t matter what is said or done towards someone of the opposite race, it is considered racism. How is it that in my country of birth, there are hundreds of farmers being murdered by an opposite race, yet there is no mention of the R word in the world media there. But when a weapon is drawn and a policeman responds by acting in self-defense, it is considered racist? I couldn’t agree more that we need to call out racist behaviour, but don’t try to make me feel dirty just because I am white.

As Christians, we are called to love one another. Loving one another doesn’t mean being a doormat to the world’s views. It doesn’t even mean accepting everyone’s thoughts and ideas. It means that we don’t see ourselves as more important than anyone else. It means that we stand for the truth and stick to our morals and values while not condemning others. That means that we shouldn’t force our values on others, but at the same time, not allow others to force their ideas on us. I love my boys more than anything, but that doesn’t mean I accept everything they say and do. Jesus loves us more than life itself, but that doesn’t mean He accepts and approves of everything we say and do.

So, as Christians, we must stop allowing the world to alter our morals and values, and start being the light and the salt that flavours a world that is in need of direction and purpose. And the only way that we can do that is to focus on Him. By focusing on the world, nothing will make sense. But if we adjust our focus to the One who is Love, Truth and Direction, we will begin to to make sense of it all.

Have an awesome day!

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